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Mitsubishi HMI “Modbus RTU” Danfoss FC51 Tutorial

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Danfoss Micro Drive FC-51 inverter is the most popular inverter series that Danfoss has ever produced to serve small load AC motors from 0.18 to 22 kW. The Danfoss Micro Drive FC-51 inverter of the VLT® family enjoys comprehensive quality in design, reliability and user-friendliness.

Today will guide you to control Danfoss FC51 via Modbus-RTU protocol with HMI Mitsubishi GT2505-VTBD in the easiest way possible.

GT2505-VTBD & Danfoss FC51 “Connection Diagram”

RS485 connection diagram between HMI GT2505-VTBD and Danfoss FC51

Danfoss FC51 “Modbus RTU” Parameters Setting

Below are the communication parameters that we need to set up for Danfoss FC51 to be able to control it with Modbus-RTU communication.

Registers Address
Note: Mitsubishi GOT2000 Holding Registers Address =
“VFD Address (Dec) + 400001

+ Control Word Address = 49999 + 400001 = 450000 (dec)

  • Set Word 450000 = 1148 (dec) >>> Run Forward
    = 33916 (dec) >>> Run Reverse
    = 1084 (dec) >>> Stop
    = 1212 (dec) >>> VFD Reset

+ Set Frequency Address = 50009 + 400001 = 450010 (dec)
>>> Reference Setting = 0 to 16384(dec) ~ (0 to 100%)

+ Output Frequency Address = 416130 (dec)

Mitsubishi GT2505-VTBD Modbus Configuration

How did we set the Modbus communication parameters for the Danfoss FC51 inverter, the same setting for the HMI GT2505-VTBD

HMI Programming

+ Control Panel Design

+ “Ready” Status

+ “Running” Status

+ “Alarm” Status

+ Reset Alarm

+ Frequency Setting Command

+ Forward Run

+ Reverse Run

+ Stop Command

+ Read Frequency Output

Project Video Tutorial



+ Download GT-Designer 3 Mitsubishi HMI Software
+ Danfoss FC51 Manual PDF Download

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If in the process of using the Mitsubishi HMI to control and monitor the Danfoss FC51 inverter you have any problems, please comment below the article, will answer you as soon as I read the comments.

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