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[Download] GT-Designer 3 V1.260W New Version (GoogleDrive Link)

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GT Designer3 is a specialized software for interface design and control programming for the HMI screen of the manufacturer Mitsubishi. The software is in the GT Works3 software package, which is widely distributed by Mitsubishi to users.

Supported Mitsubishi GT Designer3 HMI screens:

  • GOT1000
  • GOT2000 (GT Series & GS Series)
  • GOT-F900
  • GOT-A900
  • GOT-A800

GT-Works3/GT-Designer3 Version 1.260W is new version, install directly without Upgrade and it supports all Mitsubishi HMI

GT-Designer3 Installation Guide

+ Step 1: Download and extract the software, extract password “”

+ Step 2: Run the file Autorun.exe and choose to install GT Works3

Note: If your computer does not have “Net Framework 3.5” installed, the software will display as shown below

If your computer has installed “Net Framework 3.5”, then click OK to continue

+ Step 3: Enter the Product ID from the “Product_ID_Key” file

+ Step 4: Select the software and features you want to install

+ Step 5: Select Next at this step to start installing the software

+ Step 6: The software will install in a few minutes (depending on your computer configuration)

+ Step 7: Select Next to continue

+ Step 8: The installation process is complete, recommends that you Restart your PC before using the software

We have a new version of Mitsubishi GT-Designer 3 V1.260W software

Link Download GT-Designer3 / GT-Works3 V1.260W
1. Download via GoogleDrive
+ Mitsubishi GT-Designer 3 “New Verison” Download
2. Backup Link (MefiaFire)
+ GT-Designer 3 “New Verison” Free Download

Password Extract:

If you have any questions during the installation of this software, please comment below the article, will answer you as soon as possible.

Thanks and Best Regards!

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