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Hello everyone, in the previous post guided you to detect squares with LabView, today I will continue you guys to do a similar project with circles.
(You need to read the article Image Acquisition before doing this project)

Although this is a very simple project, it is applied in practice quite a lot, especially in measuring objects with holes.

Step 1: Get Sample Image

This is the step of taking sample images for image processing, we should choose the image with the best quality, and the product is in normal state (OK)

Step 2: Convert from Color image to Mono

Most of Labview Functions only support monochrome image, so we should convert Color image to Mono

2.1 Select Color Plane Extraction

2.2 Click Intensity Plane

Step 3: Invert Object and Background colors

3.1 Select Lookup Table

3.2 Click Reverse

Step 4: Determining the Centrer of the Product

4.1 Select Centroid

4.2 Click OK

Step 5: Set Coordinate Axis System

5.1 Select Set Coordinate System

5.2 Click Horizontal and Vertical Motion

Step 6: Using the Circle Detection Function

6.1 Select Find Circular Edge

6.2 Click OK

Step 7: Shape Detection


7.2 Setting >>> Select Minimum Score and Rotated

Step 8: Select Input/Output

8.1 Select Controls

8.2 Choose the Input/Output you want, for this project I just chose 1 In and 2 Out

8.3 Complete Program

Detailed Instruction Video


Sample Images for Project

>>> Download Circle Library

Password Extract:


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