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In today’s modern factory, image processing technology and industrial applications This technology has gradually replaced the inspection by human eyes increasingly developed to eliminate risks in the production process and improve high productivity as well as work efficiency. The superiority of technology Image processing allows inspection in various fields such as industry food, textile industry, electronic industry.

And today will start a series of articles to guide you Collect images and process images with LabView, which is an extremely powerful and easy-to-use image processing software.
In this article, will guide you to collect photos from Camera Online or process offline photos from your computer.

Image Acquisition from File Patch

Used in case you want to process the images available in your computer without having to have a real camera

Image Acquisition from USB 3.0 Camera

USB 3.0 camera has the advantage of easily connecting to a computer via USB standard (same mouse, keyboard) and has a very high processing speed (600MB/s).

Image Acquisition from GigE Camera

GigE Camera stands for Gigabit Ethernet Camera. No need for expensive dedicated boards, cables can also be used with general purpose Ethernet cables.
The connection port is also a LAN port. The cable can be extended up to 100m.


So I have guided you to collect images with Labview through many different methods, in the next post I will guide you to process images with Labview.
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