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[Download] FR-Configurator SW3 Inverter Mitsubishi Software (GoogleDrive)

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FR-Configurator SW3 software is a specialized software used to install, configure and fix Mitsubishi inverters easily.

FR Configurator is compatible with the following inverters:

+ FR-A700 series

+ FR-A701 series

+ FR-D700 series

+ FR-E700 series

+ FR-E700 series

System configuration

System Requirement

Operating system:

+ Windows Vista SP1 or later (32-bit Edition)

+ Windows XP Professional SP2 or later (32-bit Edition)

+ Windows XP Home Edition SP2 or later

+ Windows 2000 Professional SP4 or later


+ Pentium 133MHz or more (Windows 2000 Professional)

+ Pentium 300MHz or more (Windows XP Professional, Windows XP Home Edition)

+ 1GHz or more processor (Windows Vista 32bit)


+ 32MB or more (Windows 2000 Professional)

+ 128MB or more (Windows XP Professional, Windows XP Home Edition)

+ 512MB or more (Windows Vista 32bit)

Disk: Free area of 200MB or more

Check the following points before the installation.

+ Close any other applications that have already been started.

+ For the installation, log on as an administrator (Administrator account) and start installation.

+ If an inverter is connected by the USB cable, disconnect the USB cable.

+ Installation files are compressed. FR Configurator does not function with just copying the installation files. Please install the software with using the installation program.

+ To install the software, follow the installation procedure in Windows screen.

+ If VFD Setup Software (FR-SW1-SETUP-WE) of an older version (CD-ROM) is installed after the installation of FR-Configurator, FR Configurator does not function. In this case, please uninstall FR Configurator (Refer to page 8), and then
install FR Configurator again.

+ In an operation system with antivirus / security software, a warning may appear when installing FR Configurator. If a warning appears, permit the installation of FR Configurator according to the setting procedure of your antivirus/security

Link Download FR-Configurator SW3

>>> Download FR-Configurator SW3 with GoogleDrive

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