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Keyence KV-5500 5000 3000 Manual PDF

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KV-5500/5000/3000 is a set of 3 PLCs that make up the Keyence brand, with high functionality, high durability, easy programming and reasonable price, so many automation engineers choose PLC Keyence.

Up to now these 3 PLCs are still in production and even though they have been out for more than 10 years, these PLCs can still satisfy all small and medium projects

This document contains 3 chapters:

  • Chapter 1: HARDWARE
    This chapter describes specifications and how to use system configuration/connection methods and CPU unit, AC power unit, extension I/O unit, extension unit, error output unit and Bluetooth unit of KV-5500/5000/3000 Series.
    To describe various functions of access window, memory card slot, communication ports, I/O, high speed counter etc provided for CPU unit KV-5500/5000/3000.
    To describe function specification or setup method required for preparation of ladder program. In addition, module, macro, local device may be used to increase programming efficiency.

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