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LS with the forerunner started from LG Industrial Group, after more than 30 years of operation and was spun off in 2003 under the brand name LS (specializing in manufacturing industrial electrical equipment, electronics) to specialize in the industry. global competitiveness. The popular PLC LS products are known to the market as: XGT Series (XGK, XGI, XGR), XGB Series, MASTER-K Series, GLOFA-GM Series, XMC Motion.

LS XGT Series

+ XGK LS PLC programmable controller use cyclic program-saving control, timing-controller interrupt, Process controller interrupt.

+ The device uses the ladder language for setting and adjustment during operation

+ This PLC has a high processing speed, reaching 84ns / Step

+ The product’s program memory reaches 16Kstep, which is equivalent to 64KB

+ The controller has up to 256 programs for users to choose and install easily

+ The high level of protection makes it suitable for installation in a variety of environments, including harsh environments.

LS XGB Series

XGB Series is divided into the following lines: XGC Series (XBC Series and XEC Series) and XGM Series (XBM Series and XEM Series). The XGB PLC series is manufactured by LS with features suitable for small to medium scale automation projects. The device has a compact size, simple design and has many advantages for installation. This is considered one of the PLCs with high-end features on the market today. Especially it can be controlled directly by command.

+ Control method: Cyclic, interrupt, scan continuously.

+ Control I / O method: Refresh continuously, direct control by command

+ Language used the program: Ladder

+ Up to 2 high-speed multipurpose backplane expansion modules

+ Processor speed: 83ns / step

+ Program memory: 15,000 steps

+ Number of I / O: 64 includes 32 24DC inputs, 32 transistor outputs

+ Maximum Expansion I / O number: 384

+ Analog input, analog output, RTD, thermocouple, high-speed counter, Positioning (2-axis drive, 8-axis EtherCAT network), communication module.

+ RS-232C, RS-422/485, Ethernet, CANopen (Master / Slave), Profibus – DP (Master / Slave), DeviceNet (Slave), EtherNet / IP, RAPIEnet.

+ There are 16GB of active data storage

LS GLOFA-GM Series (GM7 & GM7U)

+ High functionality and performance with dedicated MPU chip

+ High speed counter 1 point (1-phase 16kHz, 2-phase 8kHz)

+ Pulse output 1 point (2kHz only available in Tr-output module)

+ PID loop with autotuning

+ Pulse catch 8 points (pulse catch: Min. 0.2ms)

+ Input filter (Noise reduction)

+ RS-232C interface 1 channel (Built-in Cnet):dedicated, User-defined, Modbus protocol

LS MASTER-K Series (K80S & K120S)

+ Compact block type with high-end functions

+ Many built-in features for applications

+ Modular options available for special features

+ Advanced communication features

+ PID control function

LS XMC Motion Series

PLC LS XMC Motion currently has 2 lines: XMC-E32A, XMC-E32C provides position control (motion) functions based on EtherCAT with high performance, built-in many functions and specialized high technology. for numerical control and robotics. Accompanied by the products of LS ELECTRIC PLC, HMI and Servo, XMC-E32A / E32C will help you create an optimal and better solution.

+ High-speed program processing: 6.25ns

+ High speed cycle times based on EtherCAT: 0.5 / 1/2 / 4ms

+ Built-in many other functions: 8DI / 16DO, Encoder inputs (2 ch.), Ethernet, Analog Input (2 ch.) / Output (2 ch.) E32A, RS-232C / RS-485_E32C

+ Robot control: Delta3, Delta3R, Linear Delta, etc

+ XG5000 software: For programming and monitoring



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