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DELTA ELECTRONIS is a global leading Taiwanese electronics corporation and Delta products have been distributed in 154 countries, Delta has 38 factories and 60 research centers worldwide. It can be said that Delta is a world-class brand that not all companies can compare.

PLC Delta product lines are known as: AH Series (Standard, Redundant, Motion), AS Series (Standard, Motion), DVP Series (Standard, Slim, Motion).

Delta AH Series

Delta’s AH Series PLC provides automation solutions for high-level applications. The combination of modularized hardware architecture, advanced functions, and advanced integrated software provides a complete control system solution for process automation control applications. In addition to various function blocks (FB), great price / performance, and a wide selection of expansion modules, the Delta AH Series PLC also offers multi-axis motion control over the motion network.

EtherCAT, for example, aims to perform high-speed, high-precision machine control. Simplified system scalability is an exceptional element that also significantly reduces the system cost for a wide range of applications.

Delta AS Series

Delta’s AS Series is a compact, modular, mid-range PLC series; is a high performance universal controller designed for all types of equipment, automation systems. Standard Series AS CPUs feature 32-bit SoCs developed by Delta for increased execution speed (40 k steps / ms) and support up to 32 expansion modules, up to 1,024 inputs / respectively. output. It provides precise position control up to 8 axes via CANopen communication network and up to 6 axes via pulse control (200 kHz).

The position (motion) AS series CPU has a communication interface via EtherCAT / CANopen and many other communication ports. It also provides position motion control function blocks that comply with international standards and synchronizes up to 16/24 real axes in one update cycle. AS series Delta PLC controllers are widely used in a wide range of automation equipment such as packaging, printing, labeling, textiles, and the pharmaceutical industry.

Delta DVP Series

Delta’s DVP series programmable logic controllers meet high-speed, stable and highly reliable applications in all industrial automation machines. In addition to its fast logic operation processing, the documentation is rich and multifunctional; DVP PLC Delta is very cost-effective and also supports various communication protocols, connecting AC motor driver, servo driver, human machine interface and temperature controller via industrial network in a way. complete “Delta Solution” for all users

DVP Series Motion CPU

PLC CPU Delta DVP Series Motion: DVP-50MC, DVP-15MC, DVP-20PM, DVP-10PM


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