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Founded in 1918 with the original name Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd, headquartered in Kadoma, Osaka Prefecture, in 2008 the company changed its name to Panasonic. Popular Panasonic PLCs known to the market as: FP-X Series, FP-XH Series, FP-X0 Series, FP-Σ (FP-Sigma) Series, FP0R Series, FP0H Series, FP2SH Series, FP7 Series.

Panasonic FP7 Series

With Ethernet connectivity, the Panasonic FP7 Series PLC is a true web-integrated data collector, “Industry 4.0 Ready”. Up to 64 different devices can be controlled by one CPU and its modular construction makes FP7 take up less space and makes FP7 Series a versatile controller for a wide variety of applications.

+ Panasonic FP7 PLCs are compact in size and expandable

+ Designed in cassette style. Additional cassettes can be added to the CPU to increase functionality without increasing the width of the device. The connected cassettes support RS232C, RS422 and RS485 communication.

+ Up to 16 different devices can be connected to a single CPU.

+ Supports high-capacity SD (SDHC) memory cards up to 32GB

+ High efficiency (scanning time min 1ms, max 20μs for 60k steps); Processing speed is less variable with fixed Ethernet communication.

Panasonic FP2, FP2SH Series

+ 1ms scan time for 20k steps. With the class-leading operating speed in the segment, super high speed processing capabilities.

+ Large programmable capacity up to 120k steps

+ I / O units, smart block, power supply unit, and back panel can be used together for FP2 and FP2SH. I / O units can be located anywhere on a backplane.

+ Built-in annotation function and real-time clock

Panasonic FP0H Series

PLC Panasonic FP0H Series is directly integrated 2 Ethernet ports without adding module. With a processing speed of just 10ns per step, the FP0H is incredibly fast. Thanks to the large program memory, the high-efficiency PLC can handle up to 64k steps. Its compact design makes the FP0H suitable for a wide variety of applications. The programmable controller has proven to be perfect for application areas requiring remote control.

Panasonic FP0R Series

Extremely compact in design, the Panasonic FP0R PLC is especially suitable for small control cabinets and locations with limited space. Up to four axes of motion control can be controlled without an expansion unit and the USB TOOL port ensures simple and fast programming. PLC Panasonic FP0R Series promotes its strengths in labeling application areas.

Panasonic FP-Σ Series

+ Program capacity up to 32k steps, the number of programs can be increased with the ability to improve, expand or change equipment

+ Equipped with an independent annotation memory. All 100,000 I / O comments, 5,000 block comment lines, and 5,000 comment lines are stored in FPΣ together with the programs.

+ Equipped with RISC processor, achieve high processing speed with scan time less than 2ms for 5000 steps.

+ 4Mpps maximum frequency and 0.005ms start speed allow it to be used for linear servo control.

+ The temperature control program can only be written in one line using the PID F356 (EZPID) instruction, which facilitates temperature control by PLC, which was previously considered difficult.

Panasonic FP-X Series

Panasonic FP-X Series PLC can control multi-axis with built-in pulse output. The transistor output type controller has a built-in pulse output that allows multi-axis control of stepper and servomotors. C14: 3 axis, C30 / C60: 4 axis
The additional cassettes expand functionality while maintaining size to save space. Up to three additional cassettes can be attached to the control unit. Functionality can be enhanced without increasing the area required. 17 additional types of cassettes, including analog communication and communication types, are used for a wide variety of applications.

Panasonic FP-X0 Series

The Panasonic FP-X0 PLC programmable controller includes functions required for simple automation applications. They are ideal for the most common motion control automation solutions, such as together with the MINAS A5 servo actuator and especially MINAS LIQI. The CPU is available with 14, 30, 40 and 60 I / Os and can be expanded up to 216 I / Os.

Panasonic FP-XH Series

The motion controller (position controller) and programmable controller are combined in one device. The Panasonic FP-XH PLC can control up to eight axes without the need of additional modules and is equipped for high-end applications thanks to the real-time bus. The PLC is quickly and easily integrated into the system with Panasonic servo drivers without the need for additional hardware. The FP-XH with high precision servo drive system has been successfully used in the manufacture of electronic components as well as in the packaging or food processing industry.



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