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[Making Cable] LG/LS PLC Programming Cable

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PLC LS / LG (LS is a subsidiary of LG) is one of the PLCs from Korea with good quality and affordable price, we will see more in machinery imported from Korea or companies. Korea

Today will guide you from making PLC Master-K (K7M), XGT, XGB XBC, XBM, GM Series programming cables extremely simple and economical.

Prepare the equipment

1. COM-DB9 Female (PC Side)

2. COM-DB9 Male (PLC Side)

3. Jack 6 PIN PS2 Port

Making Cable

1. Master-K series, Glofa GM7 PLC programming cable diagram:


2. Diagram of PLC programming cable XGB, XGT, XBC, XBM series:

2 This cable diagram has been tested by and works stably so you can be assured of the quality.

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