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Keyence FS N41N Series is Keyence’s newest series of fiber optic sensors with outstanding features compared to older Series like FS-N10 / FS-V30

Keyence FS N41N Series includes the following models:

+ FS-N40, FS-N41C, FS-N41N, FS-N41P, FS-N42N, FS-N42P, FS-N43N, FS-N43P, FS-N44N, FS-N44P

Response time

23 µs (S-HSPD*1) / 50 µs (HSPD*2) / 250 µs (FINE) / 500 µs (TURBO) / 1 ms (SUPER) / 4 ms (ULTRA) / 16 ms (MEGA) / 64 ms (TERA)

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>>> Download Keyence FS N40 Series User Manual PDF
>>> Download Keyence FS N40 Series Instruction Manual PDF

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>>> Download_Keyence_FS-N40_Series_User_Manual_PDF
>>> Download_Keyence_FS-N40_Series_Instruction_Manual_PDF

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