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[Download] PANATERM V6 Panasonic Minas A5 A6 Servo

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PANATERM V6.01.20 software is the latest version of Panasonic Minas A5, A6 Servo configuration software to date. For the new series of panasonic servo Minas A5 A6, there are many parameters to tweak so when replacing if installing by hand will take a long time, please refer to the copy software to copy and set parameters for quick .

PANATERM V6 supports the installation of the following Models:

+ Minas A5, Minas A5B, Minas A5B (March2015), Minas A5BL DD, Minas A5BL LINEAR

+ Minas A5II, Minas A5L DD,Minas A5L LINEAR

+ Minas A5L04(LA4) LINEAR, Minas A5L04(LA4) DD, Minas A5MN, Minas A5N

+ Minas A5ND1, Minas A5NL DD, Minas A5NL LINEAR

+ Minas A6, Minas A6B, Minas A6BL DD, Minas A6BL LINEAR

+ Minas A6L DD, Minas A6L LINEAR, Minas A6N, Minas A6N DD, Minas A6N LINEAR

System Requirements

+ CPU: 800 MHz or more

+ RAM: System memory of 512MB or more. Graphics memory of 32MB or more

+ DISK: Free space of 512MB or more

+ Operating System: Windows 7(64bit version), Windows 8(64bit version)
Windows 10(64bit version)

+ Communication: USB, RS232

+ Display: 1024 × 768 PIXEL or more

Software installation guide video

Video Download/Upload Tutorial



1. Download with GoogleDrive

>>> Download Panaterm V6 Panasonic Software
>>> Download PanatermV6 User Manual

2. Download with MediaFire

>>> Download Panaterm_V6_Panasonic_Software
>>> Download PanatermV6_User_Manual

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Please share the article if found helpful. If there are any problems that need support for PANATERM software, please comment below the article, will answer you if possible. Thanks!

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