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[Tutorial] Danfoss FC51 Setting Example

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Danfoss FC51 is a low-cost, universal inverter, very compact in size, suitable for all common applications such as pumps, fans, conveyors, cooling towers, … the maximum capacity is 22kW. But it is quite good quality compared to other brands.

Today will guide you to connect and install Danfoss FC51 inverter easily and save the most time.

Danfoss FC51 “Connection Diagram”

Below is the connection diagram of Danfoss FC51 controlled by external Switch (PLC, Relays,…) and Varible Resistor

Danfoss FC51 Factory Reset

If you install an old inverter, I recommend you to Reset Default for Danfoss FC51 as follows:

Set 0-51 = “9” > OK > Off Reset >>> VFD ResetPlease comment and share this article to the community if you find it useful

Danfoss FC51 Parameters Setting

Below is a table of basic parameters we need to install for Danfoss FC51, you can configure parameters “3-15, 3-16, 3-17” like below to control the inverter by external switch and varible resistor

Project Video Tutorial


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Please comment and share this article to the community if you find it useful.

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