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Mitsubishi FR-D700 / FR-E700 Error Codes

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FR-E700 is a new generation Mitsubishi inverter line with all the basic features like the FR-D700 series, however it is improved to save more energy and has a more compact size, with a higher price.

It is normal for an inverter to report errors in production, but when there is an error, it takes a lot of time to find documents. That’s why today will show the entire error table of Mitsubishi FR-E700, D-700 Series inverters in this article.

Error Message

A message regarding operational troubles is displayed. Output is not shutoff.


When a warning occurs, the output is not shut off.


When an alarm occurs, the output is not shut off. You can also output an alarm signal by making parameter setting.


When a fault occurs, the inverter trips and a fault signal is output.

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