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Siemens S7-200 “Modbus RTU” Delta VFD-M Inverter

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The Delta VFD-M inverter is one of Delta Electronics’ most commonly used inverters. Although it has been around for a long time, today this type of inverter is still trusted by many automation engineers.

Today will guide you to use Siemens S7-200 PLC to control Delta VFD-M inverter through Modbus-RTU communication protocol, both devices have built-in RS485 Communication Port.

Siemens S7-200 & Delta VFD-M “Wiring Diagram”

The RS485 communication port of the Delta VFD-M inverter is an RJ11 port, you can use the desk phone Jack to connect to it.

Delta VFD-M Modbus Parameters Setting

In order for the Delta VFD-M inverter to be controlled and monitored using the Modbus-RTU protocol, we need to set the following communication parameters:

  • P00: 03 (Frequency Set by RS485)
  • P01: 04 ( Control by RS485)
  • P88: 01 (Slave Address)
  • P89: 01 (Baudrate 9600bps)
  • P92: 04 ( Mode 8/1/Even)
  • P157: 01 (Modbus-RTU Selection)
Delta VFD-M Registers Address Table
Note: Siemens S7-200 Holding Registers Address =
“VFD Address (Dec) + 40001

+ VFD Control Address = 2000 (hex) + 40001 = 8192 (dec) + 40001 = 48193 (dec)

  • Set Word “48193” = 18 (dec): Forward Run
  • Set Word “48193” = 34 (dec): Reverse Run
  • Set Word “48193” = 1 (dec): Stop

+ Frequency Setting Address = 2001 (hex) + 40001= 8193 (dec) + 40001 = 48194 (dec)

In this project, I read 4 registers “Data Output” from the address register:
+ Output Frequency Address = 48452 (dec)

PLC Programming

+ Communication Distribution

+ Modbus Configuration

+ Frequency Setting

+ VFD Control Command

+ Data Monitoring

Video Tutorial


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