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[Share Code] WinCC Pro Excel Report Daily/Hour/Minute

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In the previous article, guided you to Report Excel from TIA Portal WinCC Professional with the click of a button. Today I will continue to share the automatic Logging Data project without pressing the button.

With WinCC Professional version, there will be many options to help us automatically Report Excel: Tags, Seconds, Minutes, Hours, Daily, Weeks, Months, Year…

Below are the Visual Basic Scripts used in this project, still the same as the previous article that I shared, no changes.

The difference in this project is the addition of Auto Report function using Scheduled Tasks:

Sample Program Simulator

Link Download Sample Program would like to share with you Program completely free. Note that the program is written on WinCC Professional V15.1, so you must use this version or higher (V16, V17) to read it.

Note: After downloading, you need to Copy the Excel File to the correct folder in the program E:\Excel_Report\Demo.xlsx

Download Code via GoogleDrive

>>> Download WinCC Pro Excel Report Automatic Program

>>> Download Excel Sample File

>>> Download Tia Portal Professional V15.1 Software

Password Extract:


Done! hopes that with this project you can further customize and store all the data you want. Please share the article if you find it useful.

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