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Hello everyone!
In previous articles, guided you to create Export Excel with WinCC Professional automatically. But the problem is that we need to specify a fixed save folder for the Excel File to save.

In today’s article, I will guide you to create both Excel File and Folder at the same time according to the actual date! This is also the practical requirement of all the problems we need to solve. It helps us to professionalize data retrieval

In this project, I will create an Excel file that needs to be recorded in a folder created according to the actual day, month, and year. If you already have this folder, WinCC will go straight to create an Excel file and write data

Below is the script written by itself. It’s very concise and easy to understand, and of course you can download my entire project for free.

Video Test Program

Sample Program Download Link used WinCC Professional V15.1 to do this project (You can use this version, download link below the article or use version V16, V17 to read).

Link Download via GoogleDrive

>>> Download WinCC RealTime File, Folder Creation Program

>>> Download WinCC Professional V15.1 Software

Password Extract:


So today has guided you to create a file in a folder that is automatically created according to the actual date. In the next article, I will summarize and guide you to Report Excel in the most professional way possible.

Thanks and Best Regards!

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