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[Share Code] WinCC Excell Report Professional

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Hello everyone, in previous posts guided you to report excel from WinCC of Siemens in the simplest and easiest way to help those who are new to WinCC can understand. Today I would like to share the Report Excel program professionally.

With this VB Script, it will help us automatically create folders by year, month, day, hour, minute, and help us report Excel professionally.

Especially in this program, we will automatically create the header for the Excel file automatically without having to enter it manually like previous posts. will share this project with you for free, and you can download it easily via GoogleDrive, after downloading you only have to add or reduce the number of Tags you need to use in projects without having to do anything else.

Video Test Program

Program Download Link

You need to use WinCC Professional V15.1 (or V16, V17) to read the project, Software download link at the bottom of the article.

>>> Download WinCC Excell Report Sample Code

>>> Download WinCC Professional V15.1 Software

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