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Omron CP1H “Modbus RTU” DELTA MS300 VFD

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Omron’s CP1H PLC and DELTA MS300 inverter are industrial devices commonly used in small and mid-sized machines. Today will guide you to connect them via Modbus RTU.

To have RS485 port, I used Module CP1W-CIF12 (or CP1W-CIF11) to connect to PLC CP1H.

CP1H & DELTA MS300 “Connection Diagram”

MS300 VFD Communication Setting

In order for Delta inverter to communicate with Modbus-RTU, we need to set the following parameters:

+ P00.20: 1 (Setting Frequency via Modbus)

+ P00.21: 2 (Control Motor via Modbus)

+ P09.00: 1 (Address 1)

+ P09.01: 9.6 (9600bps)

+ P09.02: 0

+ P09.03: 1.0 (Time Err Detect)

+ P09.04: 14 (Modbus_RTU 8/1/Even)

Register for Control Address

>>> Control Address = 2000 (Hexa)

+ Set 2000 (Hex) = 18 (dec) >>> Run Forward

+ Set 2000 (Hex) = 34 (dec) >>> Run Reverse

+ Set 2000 (Hex) = 1 >>> Stop Run

>>> Set Frequency Address = 2001 (Hexa)

Register for Monitoring

>>> Output Frequency Address = 2103 (Hex)

>>> Output Current Address = 2104 (Hex)

>>> Output Voltage Address = 2106 (Hex)

Omron CP1H Modbus-RTU Configuration

Configure RS485 port with the same communication parameters as MS300

PLC Programming

+ Reset Data when Start

+ Automatic Read/Write Command

+ Frequency Write Command

+ Motor Control Command

+ Data Monitoring Command

Data Response

Detailed Instruction Video

Below is a video on how to install MS300 inverter parameters and test the program


Software & Documention Requirements

+ CX-Programmer for CP1H Programming

+ Download DELTA MS300 VFD Manual PDF

Password Extract:

If you have any questions about connecting CP1H to DELTA MS300, please comment below the article.

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