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PLC Keyence “Modbus RTU” Autonics TK4S Tutorial

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Hello, Automatic temperature collection and monitoring is a necessity of most factories today, Autonics TK4S temperature controller is also integrated with RS485 for Industrial Communication.

Today will guide you to use PLC Keyence KV5500 (or KV3000, KV5000, KV7000 Series, KV 8000 Series…) in combination with Module KV-L21V to connect, monitor and control Autonics TK4S through Modbus RTU.

Keyence KV-L21V & Autonics TK4S “Wiring Diagram”

Note: A 120Ω terminal resistor should be used if the communication distance between PLC and Autonics TK4S is long distance.

Autonics TK4S Modbus-RTU Configuration

To be able to control Autonics TK4S with Modbus RTU we need to set the following communication parameters

Autonics TK4S Registers Table

+ Set Temperature Address = 0000 (hex)

+ Read Present Value Address = 03E8 (hex)

PLC Keyence Modbus RTU Setting

PLC Keyence Modbus Example

+ Communication Distribution

+ TK4S Temperature Setting

+ TK4S Temperature Monitoring

Project Video Tutorial


Required software and documentation

+ PLC Keyence Programming Software Download

+ Autonics TK4S Manual PDF Download (Password Extract:

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