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[Marking Cable] Weintek/Kinco HMI Programming Cable

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The MT500 HMI is a line of old Eview HMI monitors, possibly from Weintek or Kinco.
HMI programming cable MT500 Eview (Weintek or Kinco) applicable to the Models: MT505T, MT505TV5, MT506MV, MT506MV5, MT506TV, MT506TV5, MT506L, MT506LV, MT506TE, MT508S, MT508SV4, MT508SE4, MT508TV5, MT508TE, MT508TE4, MT509M , MT509MV4, MT509L, MT509LV4, MT510L, MT510M-MT510MV4; MT510T; MT510TV5; MT510TV4; MT510TV; MT510S

These HMI lines are no longer manufactured at present, but sometimes we still need to connect them to fix bugs or improve machines, so today will guide you to make HMI eView programming cables


1. Jack port COM-DB9 Male (Connect to the RS232 port of the HMI)

2. Jack port COM-DB9 Female (Connect to a computer)


Conducting cable welding according to the following diagram

So has instructed you to complete the HMI eView programming cable. Please share the article if you find it helpful!

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