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[Download] XCP Pro V3.3Q Xinje PLC Software

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XCP Pro V3.3Q (Xinje XC Series PLC Program Tool) is a software for programming XC series of XINJE. The interface and programming method of the software are relatively similar to the Mitsubishi PLC and the hardware is similar.

XCP Pro V3.3Q software supports XC1, XC2, XC3, XC5, XCM, and XCC with 5 different programming languages ​​including: Ladder, Instruction List, Function Block, Config Block, Sequence Block

Software-supported operating systems

+ Microsoft Windows-XP

+ Microsoft Windows-7

+ Microsoft Windows-8/8.1

+ Microsoft Windows-10

+ Microsoft Windows-Server

Detailed installation instructions video

Link Download Software

1. Download via GoogleDrive

>>> Download XCP Pro V3.3Q Xinje PLC Software

2. Download via MediaFire

>>> Download_XCP_Pro_V3.3Q_Xinje_PLC_Software

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