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[Making Cable] Fuji HMI Programming Cable

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Along with famous switches from Japan, Fuji also produces HMI with low price and high quality (acquired from Hakko). However, the old models do not support Usb port, only support RS232 port

Therefore, today will guide you to make Fuji / hakko HMI programming cable via RS232 port to connect with old models (or new generation if you do not have a USB cable)

Prepare the components

1. RJ-45 Connector (Used to plug into the PLC)

2. Jack port COM-DB15 Male (Connect to the RS232 port of the PLC)

Proceed to make the cable

You proceed to connect the cable according to the following diagram, pay attention to connect the correct pins has tried to make the cable and the connection to the PLC is extremely stable, so you are completely assured of the cable quality.

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