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[Marking Cable] Hitech HMI Programming Cable

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Although HMI Hitech brand was acquired by Beijer Electronics and changed other models, in many old machines we still have to work with Hitech HMI.

Therefore, today will guide you from making a cable to connect to Hitech’s HMI via RS232 port PWS6000 series as well as PWS3000, PWS1711 series.


1. Jack port COM-DB9 Male (Connect to the RS232 port of the HMI)

2. Jack port COM-DB25 Male (Connect to the RS232 port of the HMI)

3. Jack port COM-DB9 Female (Connect to a computer)


Use 9-PIN COM1 Port

Use 25-PIN COM2 Port (PC-PWS6600): tried to make these 2 cables and they are both stable connection to the HMI so you are completely assured of the quality.

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