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[Tutorial] PLC Keyence Analog “0 to 5V” Read & Scale

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Analog processing is a function that any PLC needs to integrate, it helps to handle problems requiring high precision as well as managing different levels.

With PLC Keyence, reading analog signals are handled extremely accurately and quickly, ensuring synchronous speed with PLC and today will guide you to read “0 to 5V” analog signals.

Equipment used for example

+ PLC: KV5500 & KV-AD40V

+ Sensor: HG-C1400 (Analog Out 0>5V, Measuring range 400 +/-200 mm)

Connection diagram of Sensor HG-C1400 with KV-AD40V

Configure Analog Module KV-AD40V

Program to read Analog signal “0 to 5V”

Video PLC Keyence Analog “0 to 5V” Read & Scaling

Instructions for connecting HMI MT8071iE to read Analog Signals


Just follow the instructions of and you will do it, if you have any questions, please comment below the article.

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