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[Download] IX-Developer Beijer HMI Software (Full Version)

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IX-Developer V2.45 SP5 is Beijer’s specialized software for programming and designing its HMI / SCADA

IX-Developer 2.x empowers you with unique tools for communication. It combines top-of-the-line vector graphics and smarter functions providing intuitive operation. Not to mention the near-limitless connectivity with your other devices.

This software is used to Write application program, Upload / Download program for touch screen Beijer iX HMI models:

  • iX-T4A-SoftControl, T7A-SoftControl, T10A-SoftControl
  • iX-T7B-SoftControl, T12B-SoftControl, T15B-SoftControl
  • iX-T7AM, iX-T15BR, iX-T15BM
  • iX-T12C, iX-T15C, iX-T21C
  • iX-T7B, iX-T12B, iX-T15B
  • iX-T4A, iX-T7A
  • X2-Series
  • BoX2-Series

IX-Developer Installation Guide Video

Software Download Link

1. Download with GoogleDrive

>>> Download IX-Developer Beijer HMI Software

2. Download with MediaFire

>>> Download_IX-Developer_Beijer_HMI_Software

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If you have any questions that need assistance in the process of downloading and installing the software, please comment below the article.

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