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HMI Weintek & Mitsubishi Q03UDV “Connection” Tutorial

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HMI Weintek is one of the most commonly used HMI brands in the world, low cost, good quality and can connect to most PLC types on the market, helping it to capture a large market share in the field of Automation.

Today will guide you to use the Weintek MT8071iE HMI to connect to the Mitsubishi Q-Series PLC via Ethernet communication in the simplest and easiest way.

Mitsubishi Q03UDV Ethernet Port. Setting

I recommend you to set the parameters like the picture below, after you connect to PLC and HMI, change it later if you want:

Weintek HMI to “Mitsubishi Q03UDV” Configuration

We need to set the IP-Address and Port of the PLC let the HMI know, and also need to set the MT8071iE IP-Address to the same IP range as the PLC:

Project Video Example

+ Mitsubishi GX Works.2 Software Free Download
+ Weintek HMI Programming Software Download

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