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[Download] EasyBuilder Pro V6.08 Software (New Version)

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After 16 years of development, Weintek’s leading Software R&D Group never stops upgrading EasyBuilder, a powerful software that greatly simplifies visual project editing and supports a wide variety of protocols Communication: Ethernet / IP, Modbus TCP…

The version of EasyBuilder Pro V6.08.01 today shared by was updated on 2022.11.02, if you use a software version lower than the HMI version, you will not be able to read and Decompile the file, that’s why I recommend Please install the latest version.

Operating system software support

+ Microsoft Windows Vista

+ Microsoft Windows 7

+ Microsoft Windows 8

+ Microsoft Windows 8.1

+ Microsoft Windows 10

Connectable HMIs with EasyBuilder Pro V6.08.01

+ IP Series : MT6051iP / MT8051iP, MT6071iP / MT8071iP, MT6103iP, MT8102iP, TK6051iP, TK6071iP, TK6071iQ, TK8071iP

+ eMT Series: eMT3070, eMT3150, eMT3120 / eMT3150

+ IE Series: MT8050iE, MT6070iE, MT6071iE, MT8070iE / MT8100iE, MT8071iE / MT8101iE, MT8073iE, MT8102iE, MT8103iE

+ XE Series: MT8090XE / MT8091XE, MT8092XE, MT8121XE / MT8150XE

+ cMT Series: cMT3071, cMT3072, cMT3090, cMT3103, cMT3151, cMT-SVR, cMT-G01, cMT-G02, cMT-HDM, cMT-FHD, cMT-SVR-100/102,cMT-SVR-200/202

+ cMT X Series – Basic: cMT1106X

+ cMT X Series – Standard: cMT2708X, cMT2108X / cMT2108X2, cMT2158X, cMT2166X, cMT3161X

+ cMT X Series – Advanced: cMT3072X/cMT3072X2, cMT3072XH / cMT3072XH2 / cMT3072XHT, cMT3092X, cMT3102X, cMT3108XH, cMT3152X, cMT3162X, cMT-FXDX-220, cMT-FXDX-820, cMT-SVRX-820/822

+ IIoT Gateway Series: cMT-G01, cMT-G02, cMT-G03 (Serial Bridge), cMT-G04 (Ethernet Bridge), cMT-CTRL01

+ mTV Series: mTV-100

Download via GoogleDrive

>>> EasyBuilder Pro V6.08.01 Software Download

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If the software download link is broken, please comment below the article to let know, I will fix the link as soon as I read your comments.

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