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FX3U “Modbus RTU” Autonics TK4S Tutorial

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Hello everyone, along with PLC Siemens S7-1200, PLC Mitsubishi FX3U is the most used type of PLC in the world at the moment. Today I will guide you to use FX3U connected to E5CC temperature controller via Modbus RTU (RS485)

I use FX3U-485ADP-MB Expansion Module and use Channel 2 of FX3U PLC. TK4S you must choose the type that supports RS485.

Connection Diagram

Autonics TK4S Modbus RTU Setting

I choose the communication configuration for TK4S and FX3U as: 8bit/Even/1bit

TK4S >>> Press Mode >>> PAr.4

+ AdrS (SlaveAddress): 1

+ bPS (BaudRate): 9.6

+ Prty (ParityCheck): EvEn

+ StP (StopBit): 1

+ rSy.t(ResponseTime): 20

Register for Control

>>> Set Temperature Address = 0000 (hex) / Func = 06

Register for Monitoring

>>> Temperature Response Address = 3E8 (hex) / Func = 04

Mitsubishi FX3U Communication Setting

Since FX3U-485ADP-MB is set up in Channel 2, configures as follows

FX3U Programming

+ TK4S Read/Write Distribution

+ TK4S Setting Temperature Command

+ TK4S Temperature Response Read Command

Project Tutorial Video


Documentation and supporting software:

+ GX-Works2 Software for FX3U Programming

+ Autonics TK4S Series Modbus Manual PDF

Password Extract:

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