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DELTA DVP 14SS2 “Modbus RTU” Autonics TK4S Tutorial

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In the current 4.0 technology era, temperature management of the factory is a must for every company. DVP14SS2 and Autonics TK4S are PLC and Temperature Controller duo with good price but excellent quality.

And today I would like to guide you to use PLC Delta DVP 14SS2 to control as well as read temperature from TK4S using Modbus RTU communication standard.

DELTA DVP14SS2 & Autonics TK4S “Wiring Diagram”

Autonics TK4S Communication Configuration

+ To set up communication for TK4S we need to go to Parameters 4 (PAr.4)

Mode > PAr.4

  • AdrS (Address) = 1
  • bPS (Baud rate) = 9.6
  • Prty (Parity check) = EvEn
  • StP (Stop bit) = 1
  • rSy.t (Response times) = 20
Setting Temperature Register Address

>>> Address = 0000 (hexa) / Func: 06

Temperature Monitoring Register Address

>>> Address = 3E8 (hexa) / Func: 04

DELTA DVP 14SS2 Modbus-RTU Setting

Choose to auto-configure the communication parameters as shown below

After selecting the communication parameters, the software will automatically create the following program (You can also programming the same program manually)

DELTA DVP14SS2 Programming

+ Automatic Write/Read Distribution

+ TK4S Read Temperature Command

+ TK4S Temperature Monitoring Command

Video Tutorial & Test Program


Required software and documention:

If you have any problems in the process of connecting PLC Delta with Autonics TK4S, please comment below the article, will answer you as soon as I read it.

Thanks and Best Regards!

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