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FX3S Series User Manual PDF Download

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PLC programmable controller FX3S Mitsubishi is a product line of Japan’s leading Misubishi corporation. Integrated with many features, convenient to use, so it is often used in industry and production.

The Mitsubishi PLC series offers a full range of control functions, high-speed input with built-in relay output, and many other integrated communication ports. It also includes extensive options for communication, analog controls. As a series of FX3, FX3S can utilize many resource programs available for other FX3. This significantly reduces the time and cost of setting up the system.

The FX3S PLC is designed for basic handling of control tasks, such as simple positioning or analog operation and temperature control. It excels in small, standalone applications where complex control tasks are required.

FX3S Manual PDF Download

1. Download via GoogleDrive

>>> Download FX3S Hardware Manual
>>> Download FX3U FX3G FX3S Basic Applied Instruction PDF
>>> Download FX3U FX3G FX3S Positioning Control PDF

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2. Download via MediaFire

>>> Download_FX3S_Hardware_Manual
>>> Download_FX3U_FX3G_FX3S_Basic_Applied_Instruction_PDF
>>> Download_FX3U_FX3G_FX3S_Positioning_Control_PD

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