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HMI SamKoon is China’s HMI industrial monitor line, with the strength of only researching HMI and IPC solutions for industrial computers, supporting quite a few PLCs, the interface is somewhat similar to HMI Weintek.

SKTool V7.0 software is the latest version of Samkoon HMI programming software, it supports working with the following Models:

  • GC-070S-32MAA-C
  • RGV2-4G, RGV2-WIFI
  • SK-035FE, SK-035UE, AK-035A-T, AK-035AC, AK-035AE
  • AK-040AC, AK-040AE
  • SK-043QE, SK-043FE, SK-043FS, SK-043FD, SK-043FS, SK-043HE, SK-043HS, SK-043QT, SK-043QB, SK-043UE, SK-043TE, SK-043D, SK-043AC, SK-043AE, SK-043AE-GG, SK-043AE-GG2, SK-043AW, SK-043AW-R, SK-043BC,
    SK-043BD, SK-043BD-R, SK-043BE, SK-043BS, SK-043BS-R, SK-043BW, SK-043BW-R.
  • SK50-FS, SK50-FE, SK50-HS, SK50-HE, AK-050AC, AK-050AD, AK-050AD-R, AK-050AE, AK-050AS, AK-050AS-R, AK-050AW, AK-050AW-R, AK-050BD, AK-050BE, AK-050BS, AK-050BW.
  • SK-057FE
  • SK-070FS, SK-070FE, SK-070HS, SK-070HE, SK-070GS, SK-070QT, SK-070QS, SK-070QF, SK-070QH, SK-070GE, SK-070QE, SK-070GG, SK-070GW, SK-070MS, SK-070ME, SK-070MG, SK-070MW, SK-T070XS, AK-070AC, AK-070AD, AK-070AD-R,
    AK-070AE, AK-070AG, AK-070AG-R, AK-070AS, AK-070AS-R, AK-070ASG, AK-070ASG-R, AK-070AT, AK-070AT-R, AK-070AW, AK-070AW-R, AK-070AWG, AK-070AWG-R, AK-070BC, AK-070BD, AK-070BD-R, AK-070BE, AK-070BG, , AK-070BG-R, AK-070BS, AK-070BS-R, AK-070BSG, AK-070BSG-R, AK-070BW, AK-070BW-R, AK-070BWG, AK-070BWG-R, AK-070BXC AK-070GG, AK-070GW, AK-070MG, AK-070MW, AK-070XC, AK-H070GG, AK-H070GW, AKMID-070
  • AK-091AD
  • SK-102FS, SK-102FE, SK-102HS, SK-102HE, SK-102QE, SK-102QT, SK-102QS, SK-102HW, SK-102HG, SK-102CS, SK-102CE, SK-102CG, SK-102CW, AK-102AC, AK-102AD, AK102AD-R, AK-102AE, AK-102AG, AK-102AG-R, AK-102AS, AK-102AS-R, AK-102ASG, AK-102ASG-R, AK-102AW, AK-102AW-R, AK-102AWG, AK-102AWG-R,
    AK-102CG, AK-102CW, AK-H102CG, AK-H102CW
  • SK-104FS, SK-104FE
  • SK-121FS, AK-121AD, AK-121AD-R, AK-121AE, AK-121AG, AK-121AS, AK-121AS-R, AK-121AW, AK-121AW-R, AK-121AWG
  • SK-H150AS, SK-H150AG, SK-H150AWS
  • SK-156QS
  • AK-185AWG

Software Installation Guide

+ Step 1: Download the software and extract it with the password “”

+ Step 2: Run the file “setup.exe” and select the language

+ Step 3: Wait for the installation process to take place in a few minutes

+ Step 4: Installation is complete

+ Step 5: Enjoy

Software Download Link

Download via GoogleDrive
+ Samkoon HMI Software Free Download

Password Extract:

If the Download Link is broken or you have any difficulty during the installation process, please comment below the article, will reply to you as soon as I read the comments.

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