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[Download] CADe SIMU V4 & PC SIMU V3 Software

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CADe-SIMU is an industrial circuit drawing and simulation software

PC-SIMU software also helps us simulate many devices such as Motor, STEP, Conveyor, Elevator, PLC, Arduino on PC.

The main features of the software CADe SIMU:

  • The software provides convenient functions when drawing industrial circuit diagrams
  • Full support for industrial equipment such as: CB, Relay, MCCB, Wire, Contactor, Aptomat …
  • The software is very useful for students who are studying or just graduated. Suitable for industrial circuit simulation without the opportunity to buy real equipment.
  • Lightweight software that can be run directly without installation.
  • The software provides industrial control diagrams quite easily. Help the engineer to draw the circuit quickly and simulate at the same time.

Software Installation Guide Video

Software Download Link

1. Download via GoogleDrive

>>> Download CADe SIMU V4 Software
>>> Download PC SIMU V3 Software

2. Download via MediaFire

>>> Download_CADe_SIMU-V4_Software
>>> Download_PC_SIMU-V3_Software

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