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Delta HMI “Modbus RTU” Yaskawa V1000 Tutorial

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Yaskawa V1000 inverter is a series of inverters with compact design, easy parameter setting, stable and reliable operation, high efficiency. It supports most of the basic inverter connections such as keypad control, terminal control and External potentiometer, and also supports Modbus RTU.

Today will use HMI Delta DOP-107EV to control Yaskawa V1000 via Modbus-RTU, both devices have a built-in RS485 Port.

Delta DOP-107EV & Yaskawa V1000 “Wiring Diagram”

Note: Use twisted pair cable to connect HMI and VFD, use 120Ω Terminal Resistor if communication distance is long

Yaskawa V1000 Modbus Parameters Setting

In addition to the basic parameters of the inverter (Frequency, Voltage, Current…) in order for the inverter to be controlled by Modbus-RTU, we need to set the following communication parameters:

Yaskawa V1000 Modbus Parameters Address

>>> VFD Control Address = 1

  • Set Word 2 = 0000 0000 0000 0001 = 1 >>> Forward Run
    = 0000 0000 0000 0010 = 2 >>> Reverse Run
    = 0000 0000 0000 0000 = 0 >>> Stop

>>> Frequency Reference Address = 2

+ Output Frequency Address = 24 (Hexa)
+ Output Voltage Address = 25 (Hexa)
+ Output Frequency Address = 26 (Hexa)

Delta DOP-107EV “Modbus RTU” Configuration

You need to set the communication parameters of DOP-107EV the same as those installed for Yaskawa V1000

Delta HMI Modbus Programming

+ Control Panel Design

+ Frequency Setting Command

+ Forward Run Command

+ Reverse Run Command

+ Stop Command

+ Read Frequency Output

+ Read Voltage Output

+ Read Current Output

Detailed Instruction Video


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