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Delta HMI “Modbus RTU” Delta MS300 Inverter Tutorial

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DELTA ELECTRONIS is a leading transnational electronics corporation in Taiwan and Delta products have been distributed in many countries, Delta has 38 factories and 60 research centers worldwide.

Today will guide you to use HMI DOP-107EV to control Delta-MS300 inverter through Modbus RTU. Detla’s devices are cheap, but most are equipped with RS485 Port.

Delta DOP-107EV & MS300 Inverter “Wiring Diagram”

Note: Use a 120Ω Terminal Resistor if the communication distance is long

Delta MS300 Modbus Parameters Setting

In addition to the basic parameters of the motor (Frequency, Voltage, Current …) then we need to install additional communication parameters so that the MS300 Inverter can be controlled by Modbus RTU

  • P00.20: 1 (Frequency Control via RS485)
  • P00.21: 2 (Motor Control via RS485)
  • P09.00: 1 (Address Slave = 1)
  • P09.01: 9.6 (Baudrate = 9600bps)
  • P09.02: 0
  • P09.03: 1.0 (Time Com. Err)
  • P09.04: 14 (Modbus-RTU 8/E/1)
Delta MS300 Modbus Registers Address

>>> Motor Control Address = 2000 (hexa)

  • Set Word 2000 = 18 (decimal): Forward Run
  • Set Word 2000 = 34 (decimal): Reverse Run
  • Set Word 2000 = 1 (decimal): Stop

>>> Setting Frequency Address = 2001 (hexa)

+ Output Frequency Address = 2103 (hexa)

+ Output Current Address = 2104 (hexa)

+ Output Voltage Address = 2106 (hexa)

Delta HMI Modbus-RTU Configuration

To be able to connect to the MS300 Inverter using Modbus-RTU, we need to set the communication parameters of the Delta DOP-107EV to be the same as that of the MS300 Inverter

Delta HMI Programming

+ Main Page Interface

+ Frequency Setting

+ Forward Run

+ Reverse Run

+ Motor Stop

+ Frequency Monitoring

+ Current Monitoring

+ Voltage Monitoring

Detailed Instruction Video


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If in the process of using Delta HMI to control MS300 Inverter you encounter any support, please comment below the article, will reply to you as soon as I read the comments.

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