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HMI Proface & PLC Omron RS232 Connection

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Hello everyone!
In the previous post, showed you how to connect HMI Proface GP4402 to many different PLCs using Ethernet.

Today will continue to guide you to connect HMI GP4402WW to PLC Omron via RS232 interface. The PLC used is CP1H combined with Module CP1W-CIF11, other types of Omron PLC do the same.

HMI Proface & PLC Omron “Wiring Diagram”

Below is the connection diagram between HMI Proface and PLC Omron, with HMI we use COM1 port (RS232)

PLC Omron RS232 Configuration recommends you configure as below to optimize transmission between PLC and HMI

+ CX Programmer

+ GP ProEX

Project Video Tutorial


Recommended Software

+ GP ProEX V4 for Proface HMI Programming Software Download
+ Download CX Programmer for PLC Omron Software

If you have any difficulties in connecting GP4402WW with Omron PLC, please comment below the article. Please share the article if you find it useful.

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