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Yaskawa VFD-M “Setup Tutorial”

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Delta VFD-M Inverter is a small capacity inverter of 0.2 – 7.5kw, used for simple speed change needs, now discontinued mass production and used to be replaced by Delta VFD series inverter- E, VFD-MS300.

However, we still have to work with them in many older machines. That’s why today will guide you through the basic installation of Delta VFD-M Inverters.

DELTA VFD-M “Wiring Diagram”

DELTA VFD-M Reset Default

>>> Set Pr.76 = “9” – Resets all parameters to 50Hz factory defaults
= “10”- Resets all parameters to 60Hz factory defaults

VFD-M Parameters Setting

Here are a few basic parameters that need to be set:

VFD-M Internal Control

Use potentiometers and buttons integrated on the inverter’s Keypad

VFD-M External Control

Use peripheral devices such as PLC, push button, external potentiometer to control the inverter.

Project Instruction Video


>>> Download DELTA VFD-M Manual PDF

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