Weintek HMI Set “IP Address” Tutorial

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Weintek is a company from Taiwan (Taiwan) with over 30 years of experience in research and production of HMI touch screens.
Weintek HMI touch screen with the strength of being quite cheap, easy to use software, meets all the requirements that a true HMI must have, from configuration, communication connection, open software (Open source)….

Today will guide you to Set “IP Address” for HMI MT8071iE, this is one of its many HMIs that do not have a USB port but only an Ethernet port to connect to “EasyBuilder Pro” Software. Therefore, it is very important to set the IP Address for the HMI.

Weintek HMI “Set IP Address” Example

+ Step.1 : Click on “Arrow Icon”

+ Step.2 : Click “Setup Icon”

+ Step.3 : Enter password of HMI, default is “111111”

+ Step 4,5,6: Set “IP-Address” and Click “OK”

Set “IP Address” Successfully

Detailed Instruction Video

Watch the video below to better understand the Set “IP Address” process for Proface HMI.


>>> Weintek MT8071iE Software Download
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