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Samkoon HMI “Modbus RTU” Inovance MD200 Tutorial

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HMI Samkoon and Inovance inverter are two devices originating from China, cheap price but good quality. Therefore, they are used quite a lot in simple machines, especially machines originating from China.

Today will guide you to connect them together based on Modbus-RTU protocol which both are supported.

Samkoon HMI & Inovance MD200 “Wiring Diagram”

Below is the RS485 connection diagram between the Samkoon HMI and the Inovance MD200 inverter

Inovance MD200 “Modbus RTU” Configuration

To be able to control and monitor the Inovance MD200 inverter using the Modbus-RTU protocol, we need to set the following communication parameters:

Inovance MD200 Modbus Registers Address

+ VFD Control Address = 2000 (hex) = 8192 (dec)

  • Set Word 8192 = 1 >>> Forward Run
  • Set Word 8192 = 2 >>> Reverse Run
  • Set Word 8192 = 6 >>> Stop

+ Set Frequency Address = 1000 (hex) = 4096 (dec)
>>> Frequency Reference = (0 to 10000 dec) ~ (0 to VFD Max Frequency)

+ Output Frequency Address = 1001 (hex) = 4097 (dec)

+ Output Voltage Address = 1003 (hex) = 4099 (dec)

+ Output Current Address = 1004 (hex) = 4100 (dec)

HMI Samkoon Modbus Parameters Setting

As we have set the Modbus communication parameters for the Inovance MD200 inverter, the same is set up for the Kinco HMI.

HMI Programming

+ Control Panel

+ Frequency Setting

+ Forward Run

+ Reverse Run

+ Stop Command

+ Read Output Frequency

+ Read Output Current

+ Read Output Voltage

Detailed Video Tutorial


+ HMI Samkoon SK-070HS Software Download
+ Inovance MD200 Manual PDF Download

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