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Mitsubishi QD75D4 “Servo Control” Panasonic Minas A6 A5 Tutorial

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In previous posts guided you to use Mitsubishi QD75D4 to control Stepping Motor and MR-J4-A Servo Motor, today I will continue to guide you to control Panasonic Servo. uses Servo Panasonic Minas A6 (similar A5), this is a commonly used Servo on the market, in this article I will guide you to connect and control it in the simplest way possible.

QD75D4 & Panasonic Minas A6 “Wiring Diagram”

Simple connection diagram between Mitsubishi QD75D4 and Panasonic Minas A6 Servo

+ Select any “Output” pin of PLC to control Servo On/Off

Panasonic Minas A6 Parameters Setting

Below are the basic parameters to install for Servo Panasonic Minas A6, we should use Panaterm V6 software for easy installation (Download link at the bottom of the article)

+ Pr0.00: Direction Selection

+ Pr0.01: Control mod Selection

+ Pr.0.05: Command pulse input Selection

+ Pr0.06 & Pr0.07: Command pulse format Selection

+ Pr0.08: Setting the number of pulses/revolution recommends you settings same as the table below when learning to control this Servo:

Mitsubishi QD75D4 Module Configuration

+ Step 1: Create New Project

+ Step 2: In/Out Configuration

+ Step 3: Mitsubishi QD75D4 Parameters Setting

>>> Sent Parameters to QD75D4 module

PLC Programming Example

+ Axis.1 Configuration & Jog Process

+ Axis.1 Home Return

+ Axis.1 Position Control

+ HMI Interface Address

Project Video Tutorial


+ Mitsubishi GX-Works.2 Software Download
+ Download Panasonic Panaterm V6.0 Software
+ Download Mitsubishi QD75D4(N) Manual PDF

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