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PLC Omron “Stepping Motor” Control Tutorial

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Hello friends!
In previous posts, has written instructions for you to use PLC Omron to generate pulses to control Yaskawa and Mitsubishi Servo Motors.

Today I will continue to guide you to use the Omron CP1H PLC to program the simplest way to generate pulses to control Step motors. Driver used in Project is DM542 of Leadshine.

Omron CP1H & Stepping Motor “Wiring Diagram”

  • Depending on the type of Step Driver, we can control it with 5V or 24V, if controlled by 5V, we need a resistor R=2k2 (Ohm) to reduce the voltage.
  • DM542 Driver supports control from 5 to 24V

PLC Omron “Pulse Train Output” Configuration

PLC Omron CP1H supports 4-axis control pulse generation, using “Pulse Output 0”

PLC Omron “Pulse Output” Example

+ Step ON/OFF Control & Move Data

+ Axis Position Control

Video Tutorial


Recommended Software

If in the process of using Omron CP1H to control Stepping Motor, you have difficulties or need any support, please comment below the article, will reply to you as soon as I read the comments.

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