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PLC Inovance “Servo Control” Yaskawa Sigma 7 Tutorial

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PLC Inovance H3U 3232MT is a high-performance PLC line, it is integrated with many different communication ports to help us connect to many devices. It also supports high-speed pulse generation up to 5 axes making it easy to design automated or CNC machines.

Today will guide you to use PLC Inovance to control Yaskawa Sigma 7 Servo by high speed pulse generator method.

PLC Inovance & Yaskawa Sigma 7 “Wiring Diagram”

+ R= 2K2Ω: Reduce voltage from 24VDC to 5VDC

I/O Address Table
  • Input
    + X0: Origin Sensor
    + X1: CW Limit Sensor
    + X2: CCW Limit Sensor
  • Output
    + Y0: Pulse Output
    + Y3: Direction Output
    + Y4: Servo ON/OFF

Yaskawa Sigma 7 Parameters Setting

In order for Yaskawa Sigma 7 to receive control pulses from the PLC, we need to set the following parameters
(Yaskawa Servo “Configuration Software” download link below the article)

  • Pn200.0: Reference Pulse Form uses 1 pulse control mode (Pulse + Direction)
    >>> Select “0: Sign + Pulse, positive logic”
  • Pn200.3: Filter Selection
    >>> Select “1: Uses reference input filter for open collector signal (to 200kpps)”
  • Pn20E + Pn210 + Pn212
    “Three parameter is used to set the number of pulses for 1 revolution of the motor”
  • Pn000.1: Control Method Selection

PLC Inovance “Pulse Output” Example

+ Origin Recover & Jog Process

+ Axis Position Control

Project Video Tutorial



+ Download Inovance PLC Programming Software
+ Yaskawa Sigma 7 Servo Configuration Software Download
+ Yaskawa Sigma 7 Manual PDF Download

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If you need any assistance in using PLC Inovance to control Yaskawa Sigma Servo, please comment below the article, will reply to you as soon as I read the comments.

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