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Kinco HMI & Delta PLC “RS232 Communication” Tutorial

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HMI Kinco and PLC Delta are automation devices commonly used in the market, especially in small and simple machines. Today will guide you to connect them together easily.

PLC model used is DVP-14SS2 (all Delta DVP-Series PLCs are the same) and HMI Kinco Model MT4414TE.

HMI Kinco & PLC Delta DVP “Connection Diagram”

+ Connection diagram between the CPU of PLC Delta DVP-Series and HMI Kinco

PLC Delta DVP Series Communication Setting

HMI Kinco to PLC Delta Configuration

We need to set the communication parameters of PLC and HMI the same

Video Tutorial


>>> Download PLC Delta DVP-Series Programming Software
>>> Download HMI Kinco Programming Software

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