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PLC Keyence “Stepping Motor” Control Tutorial

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In the previous post, used several types of PLCs to control 2-phase stepper motors through Leadshine DM542 Stepping Driver.

Today would like to continue to guide you to use Keyence’s PLC, specifically Model KV5500 to generate pulses to control Stepper Motor.

Keyence KV5500 & Stepping Motor “Wiring Diagram”

DM542 Driver Configurator

  • DM542 Driver supports control from “5 to 24V”
  • Depending on the type of Stepping Driver, we can control it with 5V or 24V, if controlled by 5V, we need a resistor R=2k2 (Ohm) to reduce the voltage.

PLC Keyence “Pulse Output” Configuration

PLC Keyence KV 5500 (KV5000, KV3000) is integrated with 2 X and Y pulse generator axes, in this project plc247 uses X-Axis to control

KV5500 “Position Control” Example

+ Stepping Motor ON/OFF Control

+ Axis “Jog Process”

+ Axis “Position Control” Command

Project Video Tutorial


Software for the project

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