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PLC Inovance “Stepping Motor” Control Tutorial

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Hello everyone!
PLC Inovance is a cheap Chinese brand PLC, it has the same programming way as Mitsubishi PLC, its quality is also very good compared to the price. Today I will guide you to use PLC Inovance to control stepper motor in a simple and easy way.

Today will guide you to use PLC Inovance H3U 3232MT (support control up to 5 axes) to control Leadshine DM542 Stepper Motor

PLC Inovance & Stepping Motor “Wiring Diagram”

Note: Depending on the type of Step Driver, we can control it with 5V or 24V, if controlled by 5V, we need a resistor R=2k2 (Ohm) to reduce the voltage

+ Leadshine DM542 Driver supports control from 5 to 24V

PLC Programming Example

+ Step “On/Off” Control & Jog Process

+ Motor Control Command

Project Video Tutorial


Software Reference

>>> Inovance PLC Software Free Download

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