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Delta HMI & DVP-14SS2 PLC “Communication” Tutorial

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Delta Electronics is a brand originating from Taiwan and is used more and more in machines, especially small machines. The advantages of Delta PLC and HMI are low cost, good quality and easy-to-use programming software.

Today will guide you to connect PLC DVP-14SS2 and HMI DOP-107EV using RS485 communication which both are built in.

Delta DVP-14SS2 Communication Setting

For Delta DVP-14SS2 PLC, we leave the communication configuration as default, below is a sample program to test the connection with HMI DOP-107EV.

Delta DOP-107EV to PLC Configuration

Using the COM.2 (RS485) port of the HMI to connect to the PLC, it can communicate hundreds of miles away without interference.

Video Tutorial


Software Reference

+ Delta DVP-14SS2 Programming Software Download
+ Download Delta DOP-107EV HMI Software

If you have any difficulties in using the HMI DOP-107EV to connect to the PLC, please comment below the article, will reply to you as soon as I read the comments.

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