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Mitsubishi FX3U “Servo Control” Yaskawa Sigma 7 Tutorial

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Hello everyone!
PLC Mitsubishi FX3U and Servo Motor Yaskawa Sigma-7 are two extremely popular devices used in many machines around the world, especially machines from Japan.

Today will guide you to use the FX3U PLC to control Yaskawa Servo in the simplest and easiest way.

FX3U & Yaskawa Sigma 7 “Connection Diagram”

+ Use resistor R = 2K2 (Ohm) to reduce voltage “24 VDC to 5 VDC”

I/O Address

+ Input

  • X0: ORG Sensor
  • X1: Forward Limit Sensor
  • X2: Reverse Limit Sensor

+ Output

  • Y0: Pulse Output
  • Y4: Direction Output
  • Y5: Servo ON/OFF

Yaskawa Sigma Servo Parameters Configuration

For the Yaskawa Sigma 7 Servo, we need to set the main parameters as follows

  • Pn200.0: “Reference Pulse Form” uses 1 pulse control mode (Pulse + Direction)
    >>> Select “0: Sign + Pulse, positive logic”
  • Pn200.3: “Filter Selection”
    >>> Select “1: Uses reference input filter for open collector signal (to 200kpps)”
  • Pn20E + Pn210 + Pn212
    Three parameter is used to set the number of pulses for 1 revolution of the motor

In this Project use “Ball screw leed = 5mm” & ” 1PLS = 10um”
>>> Pn20E = 16,777,216 / Pn210 = 500

  • Pn000.1: Control Method Selection

FX3U Instructions Explained

The following are the main instructions used for the FX3U PLC to control the Servo Motor

Zero Return Instruction
  • S1: ORG Sensor (near-point signal (DOG) input device numbe)
  • S2: Z-Phase signal input ( from Servo Motor)
  • D1: Pulse output number
  • D2: Rotation direction signal output
Absolute Pulses Output Instruction
  • S1: Number of output pulses (Absolute address)
  • S2: Output pulse frequency (Speed)
  • D1: Pulse output number
  • D2: Rotation direction signal output
Increment Pulses Output Instruction

FX3U “Pulse Train Ouput” Example

+ Servo ON/OFF & Zero Return Control

+ Axis Jog Process

+ FX3U Possition Control

Video Tutorial


Software and documents for the project

+ Mitsubishi GX Works2 Software Download

+ Yaskawa Servo Software Download
Yaskawa Sigma 7 Manual PDF Download

+ FX3U Positioning Manual PDF

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