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PLC Inovance “Modbus RTU” Fuji Frenic Tutorial

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The Fuji Frenic-Mini inverter is compact in size but includes all the necessary features of a mid-range inverter. It meets most of the needs of civil engineering, including motor control applications with a capacity of up to 15KW.

The Fuji Frenic Mini inverter can also be controlled by Modbus RTU through the inverter’s RS485 port. Today will guide you to use PLC Inovance H3U-3232MT to control it.

PLC Inovance & Fuji Frenic Inverter “Wiring Diagram”

+ Below is the wiring diagram via RS485 port so that PLC can control the inverter through Modbus RTU protocol

Fuji Frenic Inverter Modbus Parameters Setting

In order for the Inovance PLC to control the Fuji Frenic inverter through the Modbus RTU protocol, we need to set the following communication parameters for the inverter

  • H30 = 3 (VFD Control via RS485 Port)
  • Y01 = 1 (Slave Address)
  • Y02 = 0
  • Y03 = 2
  • Y04 = 2 (9600bps)
  • Y05 = 0 (Data: 8bit)
  • Y06 = 1 (Parity Check: Even)
  • Y07 = 1 (Stop Bit: 1)
  • Y10 = 0 (Modbus-RTU Selection)
  • Y99 = 0
Fuji Frenic Modbus Registers Address
+ Functions Mapping
+ Registers for Control

>>> Frequency Setting Address = S(07H) + 05 = 705 (hexa)

>>> Motor Control Address = S(07H) + 06 = 706 (hexa)

  • Set Word “706” = 1 >>> Forward Run
    = 2 >>> Reverse Run
    = 0 >>> Stop Run
+ Registers for Monitoring

We read 4 registers of the inverter consecutively starting from register:

+ Output Frequency Address = M(08H) + 09 = 809 (hexa)

PLC Inovance “Modbus RTU” Configuration

How have you set the Modbus communication parameters for the Fuji Frenic Inverter, the settings for the PLC are the same.

PLC Inovance Modbus Programming

+ Add Modbus Block Config

+ Setup and Programming

Video Tutorial


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