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Schneider is a French PLC manufacturer with the top quality in the world. Up to now, there are popular PLC Schneider lines known to the market: Zelio Logic (Smart relays), Twido, Modicon M171 / M172, Modicon M221, Modicon M238, Modicon M251, Modicon M258, Modicon MC80, Modicon TSX Micro, Preventa XPS MF / MC.

Schneider Zelio Logic

Zelio Logic is a set of compact smart relays: classified into 3 single block types with 10, 12 or 20 I / O with or without screens and buttons. 10 or 26 I / O can be extended by using:

+ Module expansion via Modbus or Ethernet

+ Separate expansion module with 6, 10 or 14 DI / DO and 4 AI / AO

Schneider Twido Series

Twido Series is divided into 3 basic categories (Compact, Modular and Extreme) and multiple I / Os types, Twido configured with TwidoSuite software provides simple and edgy solutions for all your difficult situations.

Schneider Modicon TSX Micro Series

With the Micro’s precision, versatility and productivity, you have a real controller at the heart of your system. Meeting remarkably low budgets in the face of market constraints, TSX Micro offers machine manufacturers, automation lines and end users the diversity and modules needed to maximize their performance. quantify their expertise.

+ Up to 128k memory

+ High performance 0.15 µs / inst

+ Support functions: Counting / position control, Analogue / PID, Maths functions, Fuzzy logic, etc.

+ Supports connection over Ethernet TCP / IP and Bus for sensor / actuator

Schneider Modicon M221 Series

  • Intuitive programming with SoMachine Basic, built-in applications and function blocks are always ready to use
  • All the features and functions you need for design and programming are built-in
  • Flexible expandability, allowing for easy upgrades
  • Connect anywhere via Ethernet, wireless access, web server to simplify system monitoring and maintenance

Schneider Modicon M238 Series

The Modicon M238 programmable controller provides simple and intelligent solutions to meet all your control needs.

Provides an optimized solution for repeat control based on high-speed counting and simple positioning of 1 to 4 axes via PTO channels or CANopen

Schneider Modicon M251 Series

Modicon M251 with CANopen or Modbus TCP communication standards allows you to easily connect to SCADA, MES, ERP using standard Ethernet cable and even over Wi-Fi. Increase your system performance by transferring data via SD Card, embedding web server and more. Unlimited access to your systems via Ethernet – anywhere, anytime and simplify maintenance with any smart mobile device through intuitive monitoring pages designed directly inside SoMachine and stored in the PLC web server.

Schneider Modicon M258 Series

High performance CPU (22ns / inst), communication ports embedded as Ethernet & CANopen and built-in advanced features such as data storage, WebServer and FTP server.

+ Capable of controlling up to 16 axes independently

+ Scalability up to 2400 I / O Digital

+ Analog I / O: 12 or 16 Bit

+ Other advanced features such as: HSC / Reflex output / Event Tasks

Schneider XPS MF Series

  • XPS MF safety PLC, programmable using XPSMFWIN software running on Windows
  • Type 4 conforms to EN 954-1 and SIL3 conforms to IEC 61508
  • 2 types of safety PLC: Compact with built-in I / Os and Module, in rack includes 6 slots for various separate I / O modules
  • 14 certified safety functions, available in the XPSMFWIN software library, to meet application specific requirements
  • A safety function appropriate for the application can be created
  • Communicate with I / Os via Safe Ethernet
  • Communicate with standard PLCs or HMIs via Modbus TCP / IP, Modbus serial line or PROFIBUS DP

Schneider MC80 Series

Modicon MC80 Series is a solar field local controller for centralized solar power (CSP) applications:

+ Designed for simplicity and compactness for quick installation, it integrates solar libraries for easy and short design time. TVDA Guide helps users to integrate Modicon MC80 into their solar control system

+ Its intelligent operation enables remote data access via Ethernet and provides a high level of reliability and precision to satisfy solar positioning algorithms. It supports RSTP (Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol) ring topology for network redundancy in case of link failure

+ Maintenance is done easily thanks to an extensive and easy-to-use management tool (SGbackup) for program management and firmware in large-scale PAC applications

+ It can operate in extreme temperatures (-25ºC to + 70ºC). Can be configured using Unity Pro

+ Integrated network security features help protect the operation of solar power plants

Schneider Modicon M171/M172 Series

+ Reduce access time with intuitive SoMachine HVAC programming software with built-in ready-to-use applications and function blocks

+ All the features and functions you need to design and build more profitable automated systems are embedded.

+ Application function blocks reduce energy consumption and help improve system efficiency

+ Stay connected anywhere with multiple BMS or web server connectivity options



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