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ABB is a Swiss PLC manufacturer with many years of experience in the automation industry. Popular ABB PLC series known to the market such as: AC500 Series, AC500-eCo Series, AC500-S Series and AC500-XC Series. These ABB PLC ranges are suitable for small, medium, large, and high-end applications. The ABB PLC offers different levels of performance with high availability, tolerance to harsh environments, position motion control, surveillance, or safety-compliant solutions.

ABB AC500 Series

The ABB AC500 Series PLC has built-in features, high performance, integrated communication ports and I / O to suit industrial applications. And this is the ideal choice for network solutions, complex machines, systems requiring high speed.

+ A wide range of fast CPUs are available with memory, performance and communication capabilities tailored to each application

+ The AC500 CPU has a variety of communication capabilities, optional or with built-in communication modules and expansion modules, which can be integrated into many different combinations to form controllers. Excellent application from smallest to largest automation solutions.

+ Report, monitor operation signal, alert by message anytime, anywhere via Webserver

+ The AC500 can be used in a variety of applications, for example wind plants, solar trackers, production of high-volume breakers, large ships, tunnel automation, traffic control. , packaging, printers and robots.

ABB AC500-eCo Series

The ABB AC500-eCo Series PLC is one of the most compact series of PLCs, offering flexible, low-cost configurations suitable for automation solutions in small applications.

+ 128 KB program memory, program processing time 0.08 µs / instruction

+ PM556 and PM566 CPUs with 512 kB program memory for more complex applications

+ Integrated RS485 port

+ Centralized expandable with up to 10 I / O modules Meaning up to 335 local I / O channels

+ Data storage, program backup with SD card

+ High-speed counter up to 50 kHz

+ All analog inputs on the PM564 and PM566 CPUs can be configured as digital inputs

+ File handling includes ZIP and UNZIP functionality

+ Web server, FTP server and SNTP for Ethernet CPUs

+ CPU PM556 and PM566 contain SMTP feature for sending email

+ Various protocol options, communication ports available

ABB AC500-XC Series

The ABB AC500-XC Series PLC is based on the AC500 platform with prolonged heat resistance, resistance to vibration and harmful gases, used at high altitudes and in humid environments.

+ Real-time synchronization with high data transfer rates

+ Design a variety of CPUs (eXtreme Conditions CPUs) with processing capabilities, memory, performance and communication capabilities tailored to each application

+ The AC500-XC CPUs have built-in communication tools, expansion modules are available, can be integrated into many different combinations, forming excellent control systems from self solutions. the smallest to the largest.

+ Operating temperature -40ºC to + 70ºC

+ Extended vibration resistance (IEC61131-2 / IEC60068-26)

+ Report, monitor signals, alert messages anytime, anywhere via built-in web server

ABB AC500-S Series

The ABB AC500-S Series PLCs are safety PLCs (SIL3, PL e) designed for safety applications related to factories, machines, and automation lines. It is the ideal choice for implementing and managing complex and secure solutions.

+ Certified for SIL3 safety applications (IEC 61508, IEC 62061, IEC 61511) and PL e (ISO 13849-1)

+ Supports both F-Host and F-Device PROFIsafe functions on PROFINET, can connect to more than one F-Host

+ Ideal choice for safe applications from simple to complex functions such as handling materials (hoists, hoists, mobile platforms, distribution centers, docks, airports, etc.), robots , wind turbines and more.

+ The safety CPU is separated so that the safety functions remain active even when the non-safety controller is inactive

+ Ability to handle floating point data type for highly accurate computation to control speed, position, and more.

+ A full range of trigonometric functions are often used in precision measurements related to crane applications

+ Configuration and programming are done using Automation Builder with a certified safety editor.


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